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While leading the Made in Mississippi brand to promote Mississippi’s small towns and businesses, co-founder Shelly Janous noticed a need for marketing services. Shelly pulled together a team of professionals at the top of their game and gathered the knowledge and resources to help your business compete and scale.

Shelly Withers Janous


Shelly Withers Janous is a dynamic business leader who has had a successful career in sales management. Beginning as an account executive in Mississippi, she quickly climbed the corporate ladder by establishing efficient systems and hiring, training, & developing account executives. She has shared her sales skills and strategies to create more leaders like herself, ultimately leading to her success as a senior-level sales manager that created a multi-million dollar company. After the birth of her daughter, McKinnon, Shelly made a career change, and used her marketing & business savvy to establish her now 20+ years in real estate.

Shelly had the opportunity to relocate to Franklin, TN, at the beginning of the social media & digital marketing craze in 2008. She started her prosperous multi-media marketing career at 1100 Broadway in Downtown Nashville, amid the Great Recession. She created her niche with high- profile and distinguished REALTORS in Middle Tennessee.

Shelly carefully selects teams of positive, supportive individuals who share a common vision of success. Shelly’s drive to help others grow both personally and professionally is inspiring.Shelly’s passion for business leadership and sales management is evident in every role she has taken on. She is dedicated to finding solutions and is a person of character and integrity. Her “old school” work ethic, honesty, and approachability make her an exceptional team player. Shelly is a leader with a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence.

Alisa Cooley


Alisa Cooley is an Arkansas native who has traveled the South lending her managerial experience and operations growth expertise to those fortunate enough to do business with her. She has spent the greater part of her professional career at Safelite Autoglass with over twenty years of experience in business operations from managing small teams through daily operations, to carrying out large scale regional plans and developing business strategies for the entire Jackson region. She holds both a bachelor’s degree in business administration which she obtained from The University of Arkansas Little Rock, as well as a master’s degree in business administration from The Keller Graduate School of Management. Alisa is well qualified to answer any questions or solve problems you might be facing regarding your managerial strategies or business implementation.

Lisa Carmichael


Lisa Carmichael, a dedicated Account Manager, brings a wealth of experience in sales and marketing, showcasing her success in both large corporations and small businesses in Mississippi. As a top sales producer at Mississippi Magazine, Lisa not only excelled in selling advertising but also played a pivotal role in event management, distribution supervision, and overall magazine marketing. Lisa’s career transitioned to a larger corporate setting when she joined Comcast Spotlight’s Effectv in Jackson, Mississippi, where she maintained her passion for sales and client interaction. Lisa Carmichael’s career is defined by her love for sales, top-notch results, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, making her a valuable asset in the realm of sales and account management.

Valerie Sebring


After graduating from Mississippi State University, Valerie moved to Miami where she began her career as a Graphic Designer for the Miami Herald. The newspaper industry gave her the opportunity to support a variety of local businesses by elevating their brand look and creating simple, straight-forward ad messaging to get results. Valerie’s clean, sophisticated design style led her to a position as Art Director for luxury magazines, Worth and Watch Journal where she led an in-house creative team for 6 years. Today, Valerie works closely with start-ups and small businesses to make lasting connections with the right customers through cohesive branding and messaging that showcases each company’s unique story.

Natalie Minh


Natalie Minh is an accomplished entrepreneur whose professional journey has spanned across various industries, including technology, finance, and fitness. Since 2010, Natalie has utilized her extensive experience in the fitness industry and her expertise in digital marketing to assist sports and fitness businesses in thriving online. She is deeply passionate about empowering and motivating clients to establish a strong presence in the digital realm by providing them with polished professional branding, compelling messaging, and an extensive online reach. Leveraging her years of experience as a Certified StoryBrand Guide, Natalie crafts clear and targeted messaging for Main Street Media Members.

Don’t Let Your Digital Marketing Efforts Fail

Many businesses struggle to achieve their digital marketing goals due to ineffective
strategies, lack of resources, or expertise. Don’t let your digital marketing efforts fail –
partner with us and get the expert help you need.

Many businesses struggle to achieve their digital marketing goals due to ineffective strategies, lack of resources, or expertise. Don’t let your digital marketing efforts fail – partner with us and get the expert help you need.