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Building a new brand, website and social media presence that stands out among the competition

Social Media: @BaneMonkLaw

The Challenge:
Young lawyer Monk teamed up with experienced Bane to create a law firm that is ready to expand beyond their small town. The team needed a new brand to reflect their expanded services and showcase them as caring lawyers that want to help their community.

The Solution:
Guided by the StoryBrand framework, we interviewed Mr. Monk to establish his customer’s goals and identified what set his practice apart from the competition. The result was a message of hope in times of struggle or confusion, and became the inspiration for the new logo mark and imagery. The logo and supporting graphics incorporate imagery of the sun and the warm glow of a guiding light that offers a place of refuge, trust and strength. From the StoryBrand messaging and new brand guide, we had all we needed to created a informative, professional website and social media posts to launch BaneMonk.

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