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Made In Mississippi

Expanding a brand to help change the narrative of Mississippi and promote economic growth.

Facebook: @MadeinMSMedia

The Challenge:
The new owners of the Made In Mississippi Podcast wanted to expand their brand to help entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the state by becoming a hub to connect with economic development, marketing and tourism resources. Their big picture goal is to help reshape the narrative of Mississippi by focusing on the humbleness, hospitality, diversity and unique charm of its small towns.

The Solution:
We took their existing, established brand identity and expanded it to include a rich color palette. Navy blue and black is used as a strong base that represents the steadfast foundation that underlies the people’s grit and determination. Country blue and muted teal represents the softer qualities such as kindness, hospitality and regard for nature. A rusty orange was chosen as the accent or highlight color because of its earthy nature, reminiscent of red dirt, clay and spicy influences of Cajun and Mexican cuisines popular in the state. The website was rebuilt to include informative articles, partner links, advertising space and community pages. Social media content and graphics were created to develop a recognizable brand and campaigns that resonate with locals and tourist alike. Campaigns have included giveaways for attractions and destinations, photo sharing for engagement and “Why I Love MS” posts to encourage people to speak on behalf of their beloved state.

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