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Eastbrook Apartments

Helping a renovated apartment complex get a brand renovation

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The Challenge:
Under new management, Eastbrook apartments were renovated, and an upgraded security system was installed throughout the community. The new management needed a new brand that appealed to young families who were looking to upgrade their living situation with modern finishes and safety features. With no budget to reshoot photography, we had to use existing photos and footage to sell the Eastbrook apartments as a family-friendly oasis.

The Solution:
We started with a brand guide to solidify the design direction. The complex was surrounded by trees which sets it apart from its competitors, so we took our logo inspiration from nature, using a bird living happily amongst the trees. Soft blue tones complement the new exterior paint and a tree foliage pattern continues the nature theme. We decided on a timeless, elegant font, keeping the headlines in upper-lowercase to appear softer, casual and approachable while still remaining luxurious. The goal was to create a brand that looks high-end, with down-to-earth comfort. We produced a welcoming website and starter social media posts that showcases the property’s new features and safe, family-friendly environment.

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